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 Administration and Finance

  1. Financial management that includes budget preparation and management of expenses for PTj, in accordance to the Treasury procedures and standards
  2. Manage assets, inventory, and stock of office supplies, and stores in accordance to Treasury procedures and standards.
  3. Manage the property of CRIM's office that includes utilities, development and security
  4. Manage documents, files and records
  5. Manage the programs of human resource planning in PTj
  6. Manage PTj's website
  7. Coordinate organizing committee for awards ceremony and other PTj's program
  8. Manage the revision and review of UniSZA Research Strategic Planning
Research Grant Management
  1. Manage research grant application manually and online
  2. Manage research grant financing
  3. Monitor research grants implementation
  4. Coordinate meetings for evaluation panels
  5. Act as Secretariat for Research Management Committee (JPP) and Research Evaluation Committee (JkPP).
  6. Manage information and appointment of University’s RA/GRA
  7. Monitor research progress
  8. Monitor research assets
  9. Manage the collection of research’s final report

Research Support

  1. Act as Secretariat for the Conference Committee (JkP)
  2. Coordinate university's research and innovation data
  3. Manage the formation, development and coordination of the "Special Interest Group" (SIG).
  4. Manage research publications, PTj's annual reports and activity reports as well as university research performance
  5. Manage the process of development planning and updating the research information systems
  6. Manage the evaluation for awards
  7. Manage e-Conference and e-DPU systems.
  8. Conducting training workshops related to research and innovation


Intellectual property (IP) and Commercialization

  1. Manage UniSZA's research exhibition activities
  2. Manage the application for commercialisation of university's research products
  3. Act as Secretariat for University's Intellectual Property Management Committee (JPHI) and Technical Committee (JKTP)
  4. Prepare commercialization papers for JPHI consideration
  5. Consultation with the industry for commercialize of university research products
  6. Prepare commercialisation agreement
  7. Conducts fund raising programs for financing commercialization project
  8. Manage University's Commercialisation trust
  9. Manage University's Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio
  10. Manage patent applications