Directory Product

    1. Design Optimization For Dairy Goat Housing In Sub-Urban Area
    2. Maqasid Shariah Quality of Life Assessment (e-MSQoL) Application
    3. e-Tasmik
    4. FibrOS: Standardized Orthosiphon Stamineus (Misai Kucing) Extract for Uterine Fibroid Management
    5. i-MHS: Intelligent Mosquito Home System
    6. Modular 3D Printed Wheelchair Accessory for Pushing Doors and Obstacle Gliding
    7. MySafar
    8. QUITO: Mosquito Trap
    9. Smart-Measurement Kit (SMART-ME KIT)
    10. SteaV-Up: A Bio-Sweetener to Improve Insulin Sensitivity and Recommended Intake
    11. Superb Dairy Fertilizer (SDF)
    12. UniSZA-SID: UniSZA-Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance System
    13. Cajuhealer: Healing from The Green
    14. e-MAST: Electronic Mental Assessment And Self-Treatment System
    15. EMR Suppressor Design for Phone Cover
    16. e-Solar: Online Solar Alert System for CALLISTO Spectra
    17. Intelligent Speed Trap Information System (ISTiS)
    18. Networked Learning Game of Long Pole
    19. Propoplus Cosmetic: Trigona Beauty
    20. Smart Body Motion Detector Devices (SBMDD)
    21. UTime: University Course and Examination Timetabling System
    22. V-Nutrichoc: Chocolate Fortified with Local Crops and Vegetables
    23. Breadfruit Resistant Starch (BRS) Bread
    24. CajuTech Extraction for Backyard Agricultural Economic Activity
    25. Dabt al-Quran
    26. EatSAFE StopWASTE
    27. e-DataX Perfomance Monitoring System
    28. Electromagnetic Radiation Phone Cover
    29. Fish Bone (FB) Membrane For Dyes Waste Water
    30. Halal Insulin Nanoparticles
    31. Immersive Networked Game of Long Pole (ING-LP)
    32. Intelligent Speed Trap Information System (ISTiS)
    33. i-Wudu': An Automated Ablution Machine
    34. Malaysia Plant Diagnose It Yourself (MyPlantDIY) App
    35. MyRFI-2.0: Web-Based Map Viewer As A Tool To Visualize RFI Level For Environmental Monitoring Management
    36. OnTime Project Management System
    37. Smart Barn
    38. Smart Body Motion Detector Devices (SBMDD)
    39. Smart Farming: Intelligent Behavior and Activity Tracking of Dairy Goat
    40. Toco-Plus As A Supplement For Diabetic Patient With Impaired Cognitive Status
    41. UTime: University Course and Examination Timetabling System
    42. WeDiet: An Application for Diet Related Diasease and Weight Loss Coach
    43. Burst-Finder: Automated Solar Radio Burst Detection for E-CALLISTO Spectra
    44. Digital Technology Sit And Reach 2.0 (DISAR 2.0)
    45. I-Dispenser: an Intelligent Dispensing Machine
    46. In-Situ Micro Algae Bio-engineered Harvester
    47. i-Wudu': An Automated Ablution Machine
    48. Nuzadone Body Health Enrichment
    49. Relative Age Effect-Fitness Index Calculator (RAE-FIC)
    50. Sepak Takraw Game Analysis Software (StGAS)
    51. Virtual Speaking Buddy (VirSbud)
    52. Rapid Detection Techniques For Determination Of Alkaloid Level In Dioscorea Hispida 
    53. Automated Online Programming Contest
    54. Academic Intelligence System (AIS)
    55. iProject : Integrated Dss For Final Year Project Evaluation
    56. IQRA Tube
    57. MyTrain
    58. Sawitmap : Oil Palm Gis Web Management System
    59. Stor Sentral
    60. Virtual e-stay Booking System
    61. I – Toxicity Removal System
    62. Bike Buddy System
    63. EduBI
    64. ExGenoba
    65. Interactive Animated Epilepsy Education Programme (IAEEP) For Children
    66. e-Meeting
    67. i-Water
    68. Ovarian Tumor Diagnosis System
    69. Smart Home Automation System
    70. Virtual Umrah
    71. Doodle Stool
    72. Gobox
    73. i-fb NC Controller
    74. i-Warner
    75. Ju Stool
    76. Kibo Rack
    77. Low Cost Gas Leak Detector
    78. My Taxi
    79. MyNEst
    80. Pelex Chair
    81. Psychology Social System for Drug Addicts
    82. Zuhause
    83. EvaFlo
    84. EZ-Arabic
    85. Hydryver
    86. iWheel Chair
    87. Nobuzz Lamp
    88. i-ArabiC
    89. CalVitA Chocolate
    90. i-LeSK - Islamic Learning Site for Kids
    91. i-Tasrif
    92. AnEEV
    93. sChat
    94. AWLC
    95. Mousonic
    96. Houseplant Bucket
    97. Kona Table
    98. Choezone+
    99. i-Dyslex
    100. FIQIR Road Safety
    101. Tajweed Race
    102. LAFAMS : Account Management System for Small and Medium Sizes Legal Firm
    103. A Low Cost 3 Axis CNC Miling Machine
    104. Protorch
    105. In-Situ Microalgae Bio-Harvesting Module
    106. Course Learning Outcomes Performances Evaluation System (CLOPES)