Agro Industry Cluster

dr. hasbullahHead of Cluster
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasbullah Hj. Muhammad



The cluster covers on all aspects of Agro Industry which are based directly or indirectly from agricultural activities. The wide scope SIG of the cluster will cut across all the faculties in UniSZA where any niche of specialization could easily be incorporated into the cluster. However, any project to be proposed should be incorporated with economic sustainability and industrial potential.


List of Special Interest Group (SIG)





Faculty/ Institute


Sustainable Crop Production

This group will focus on research and Development of selected crops for optimal production with respect to technology, profitability and sustainability

Prof. Dr. Mohd Ekhwan Toriman

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jamil Zakaria

The Deputy Vice Chancellor





Food Security

This group will focus onsustainability of the existing major food crop in Malaysia and other  potential  future alternative food crops and livestock production system

Prof. Dr. Che Abdullah Bin Abu Bakar

Faculty of Bioresources & Food Industry




Agro – Business

The group will study the business model, supply chain, marketing strategy and franchise system for agricultural produce

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nalini Arumugam



High Technology Food Crop Production

The group will study  the emerging l technology in crops and livestock with respect to pest control and production system

Dr. Mohd. Hudzari Bin Haji Razali

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abd Jamil Zakaria

Faculty of Bioresources & Food Industry





Application of Beneficial Microbes in Crops and Livestock Production System

This group will focus on the application of beneficial organism (microbes) in crops and livestock application for sustainable production

Prof. Dr. Mohamad Aziz Bin Taib

Dato' Dr. Azahar Bin Idris

Faculty of Bioresources & Food Industry


Activity :-

Utilization of Oilpalm Fronds for Beneficial Value Added Products.

Preliminary meetings were been carried out between UKM and UMP. The UKM group was represented by Prof Sanusi  Jangi and Prof Othman Omar from Institute of BioScience. The discussion was focussed on the utilization of oil palm frond as raw material for livestock feed. Whle UMP has applied a KTP grant in using low energy  utilization of processing oilpalm fronds into  subsequent value added products.

The ongoing project under KTP ( knowledge transfer program)  under flagship project  at Unisza, ‘Utilization of oilpalm fronds  (OPF)as  a ruminant  feed”  UniSZA collaboration with a private sector (Pinang Pertiwi Sdn Bhd)  in the process of developing a complete ruminant feed formulation from OPF.

The Agro Industry sector has called a joint preliminary meeting with Agropolis and Biomedical cluster at faculty FPBSM to discuss the overlapping function  and constrains in implemeting the program. The meeting across the faculties will be carried out soon.