Research Management Committee (JPP)

Research Management Committee (JPP) means a committee formed to discuss and make decision pertaining to the management of research.

The Committee is chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Development). Its members consist of the Chairman of the Faculty Research Committee (JPF), Head of Research Cluster UniSZA, Director of research institutes (ESERI, INSPIRE, I-CODE, Agropolis) and representatives from the Treasury Department. Centre for Research Management, Innovation & Commercialization Centre (RMIC) to act as the secretariat.

Current List of JPP members;

1. Deputy Vice Cancelor (Research & Development) (Chairman)
2. Deputy Dean (Research and Development) FKI
3. Deputy Dean (Research and Development) FESP
4. Deputy Dean (Research and Development) FLAIR
5. Deputy Dean (Research and Development) FBK
6. Deputy Dean (Research and Development) FRIT
7. Deputy Dean (Research and Development) FKI
8. Deputy Dean (Research and Development) FBIM
9. Deputy Dean (Research and Development) FPSK
10. Director of INSPIRE
11. Director of Agropolis UniSZA
12. Director of ESERI
13. Director of i-CODE
14. Head of Bio-Medical Cluster
15. Head of Islamic Product and Services Cluster
16. Head of Community Health Cluster
17. Head of Malay and Islamic Civilization Cluster
18. Head of Advanced Technology Cluster
19. Head of Agro Industry Cluster
20. Representive of UniSZA's Treasurer
21. Director of RMIC
22. Deputy Director (Research) of RMIC
23. Deputy Director (Innovation) of RMIC