The Research Fund of the University (DPU) is a grant funded by UniSZA and given to eligible applicants (researchers). The Fund started in 2007 and helped the young lecturers to start their research. The research is fundamental based which could result in the new theory, concepts and ideas for the development of knowledge. This fund covers areas to support national strategic agenda. The identified areas are:

    i. Pure Science
    ii. Applied Science
    iii. Technology and Engineering
    iv. Health Sciences and Clinical
    v. Social Sciences
    vi. Arts and Applied Arts
    vii. Natural Sciences and National Heritage
    viii. Information and Communication Technology

    Through the funded research projects, the number of research findings will increase, and subsequently will significantly contribute to the country's development in research. UniSZA committed in continuosly improved the R&D capability, scientific exploration as well as innovation to ensure that the culture of research will continue to be developed in UniSZA.