Research Institute for Islamic Product & Civilization (INSPIRE)


    Director: Prof. Dr. Ahmad Shukri bin Yazid (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


    The formation of INSPIRE was approved by the University Management in July 2013 with a vision to become internationally recognised in the field of Islamic knowledge and development of products and services based on the Islamic civilisation. INSPIRE's mission is to provide academic programmes and research activities that can produce well-equipped and collaborative graduates and experts who specialises in the enhancement and development of Islamic knowledge and Islamic products.

    Islamic civilisation emerged as a result of the effort taken up by Muslim explorers who, through applied science, produced and generated products which were in line with the Islamic teachings derived from the Quran and Hadith. The study of Islamic civilisation refers to the added value on products which were developed by past and present Muslim communities around the world.

    The coming of Islam to the archipelago created impact on civilisation when Islam brought changes in the social, economic and political aspects. This was especially so for the Malay community who had long practised animism and were colonised by India and Thailand. When Islam was introduced, the community adopted a culture based on the oneness of God, and revolved their life around knowledge, belief and behaviour that were in accordance to Islam.

    INSPIRE's long-term plan is to produce Islamic products through the support and collaborative work from various experts in UniSZA thus materialise the University's motto "Knowledge for the benefit of Humanity" based on Islam-Knowledge-Muslim Community.